The Rebels

Published on Oct 11, 2021
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Joel Haver
  • Joel Haver

    Joel Haver

    11 days ago

    Catch up on the full sci-fi plot line of the animated series here -

    • Todd Crabtree

      Todd Crabtree

      5 days ago

      Man I forgot the Galactic Emperor and green guy showed up in the RPG video, that's great!

    • Wes Bumpus

      Wes Bumpus

      7 days ago

      I adore this series, will there be another installment?

    • ˈkaZHo͞oəstrē


      8 days ago

      This is my favorite series of animations, so good! Thank you for all the hard work you do to make these dope vids money

    • Sub250Quads


      8 days ago

      The Joel cinematic universe



      10 days ago

  • MrGermandeutsch


    3 hours ago


  • Lauren H

    Lauren H

    15 hours ago

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  • BobIV123


    22 hours ago

    Another successful violent(?) revolution

  • Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda

    22 hours ago

    Oppressors out with the old in with the new

  • steven kirton

    steven kirton

    Day ago

    So if the teleporter is set to send out trash, did the emperor just end up in the dump

  • Jarsia


    Day ago

    Meet the new bosses
    Same as the old bosses

  • Brack Zaff

    Brack Zaff

    Day ago

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Then you ignore the next guys.

  • R C

    R C

    Day ago

    Haver Dawg killing it hard on the comedy. broke down laughing around 1:14, too good my guy, keep up the stuff!

  • Jake Sli

    Jake Sli

    Day ago

    this was stupid. i didn't even have a sensible chuckle

  • Sleep Ninja

    Sleep Ninja

    Day ago

    Imma tell my kids this was animal farm

  • Pixelatedude6


    Day ago

    This is surprisingly adept social commentary

  • Abraxas Jinx

    Abraxas Jinx

    Day ago

    Politics is universal.

  • Braxton Halpin

    Braxton Halpin

    Day ago

    "you like money?"
    "oh yeah i use it all the time"
    "you like money?"
    "I actually have a problem"

  • Austin Hmmm

    Austin Hmmm

    Day ago

    Legit best series on YouTube. Better than dbz abridged and doraleous and associates

  • Riesenfriese


    Day ago

    That emperor was more stoned than the rocky mountains

  • Lazi_ness


    Day ago

    I'm beginning to think that the Rebels are rebels for a reason....

  • Jasper's Camera

    Jasper's Camera

    2 days ago

    "For long periods the High seem to be securely in power, but sooner or later there always comes a moment when they lose either their belief in themselves or their capacity to govern efficiently, or both. They are then overthrown by the Middle, who enlist the Low on their side by pretending to them that they are fighting for liberty and justice. As soon as they have reached their objective, the Middle thrust the Low back into their old position of servitude, and themselves become the High. Presently a new Middle group splits off from one of the other groups, or from both of them, and the struggle begins over again."
    - George Orwell, 1984

  • Crunchy Soap

    Crunchy Soap

    2 days ago

    I just realized that this is a prequel to "Returning to an RPG you haven't played in a while". Love this lore.

  • lasermanso


    2 days ago

    and just like that you resumed every rebellion and terrorist organisation ever

  • Scoop Dukem

    Scoop Dukem

    2 days ago

    I'm proud to have my name in the credits. It's like being a half-ass producer for 5 bucks a month.

  • El niño

    El niño

    2 days ago

    Loved this interpretation of Plato’s republic

  • Max Pankau

    Max Pankau

    2 days ago

    Just a little bit of money

  • Ninja Sushi

    Ninja Sushi

    2 days ago

    This is some adult swim shit.

  • J K

    J K

    2 days ago

    Sweet space backgrounds

  • Cat Poke

    Cat Poke

    2 days ago

    I can never tell if this is 2D animation, 3D, or an extremely odd filter

  • Logan Waggoner

    Logan Waggoner

    2 days ago


  • Nerdnumberone


    2 days ago

    This happens disturbingly often after revolutions.

  • Diego Brando San

    Diego Brando San

    2 days ago

    The realization the original emperor was the true hero rather the rebels. Really love the twist on the trope.

  • Safari Calamari

    Safari Calamari

    2 days ago

    I wasn't notified of this. I searched for Joel Haver.

  • DRChupacabrah


    2 days ago

    I love that you added this where it fits chronologically on the playlist

  • TuberMad


    3 days ago

    And the Cycle of Government continues...

  • Price Rowland

    Price Rowland

    3 days ago

    The more I watch these, the more I realize that Joel has probably watched a substantial amount of Futurama. *A substantial amount.*

  • superchunkyspacemnky


    3 days ago

    As much as I didn't care for the emperor, he kind of grew on me. I'll miss him.

  • Aeronor2001


    3 days ago

    The more things change, the more they stay the same...

  • Ulrich


    3 days ago

    Call the planet Australia

  • Andrew Raymond

    Andrew Raymond

    3 days ago

    Lol, intergalactic lazy boys

  • Grabble


    3 days ago

    So the medieval king advanced to sci-fi...
    Adult Swim should hire you. This shit's like Tigtone but funnier.

  • ralf dsouza

    ralf dsouza

    3 days ago

    Communism is like this, even if you think you would do good, bad people would always rise to take your place

  • Madison Gassel

    Madison Gassel

    3 days ago

    This gives me adult swim vibes

  • CoffeeTheCake


    3 days ago

    Blue guy is a little hungry there

  • Erik Deusenberry

    Erik Deusenberry

    3 days ago

    When the old rulers where secretly the good guys.

  • Warp Spasm

    Warp Spasm

    3 days ago

    Joel, you're going to continue this storyline, aren't you? These two getting back together from the trash dimension would be an awesome space buddy movie!

  • Thug Lincoln

    Thug Lincoln

    3 days ago

    the Galactic Empire is dead, long live the new Galactic empire!

  • The Kirbster

    The Kirbster

    3 days ago

    So THATS how they got to the RPG world...

  • Gamerkid11


    4 days ago

    I honestly love this universe you have created with all your characters. I really enjoy watching these.

  • Nick Williams

    Nick Williams

    4 days ago

    If you want to watch everything in this series in order it’s: Playing an rpg for the first time, then Playing an rpg for the second time, these happen at the same time as galactic emperor, what are your orders, and galactic trial, and finally this one is right before the end of returning to an rpg

  • Ice L

    Ice L

    4 days ago

    Aww man. I really liked that emperor

  • Redacted Lluks

    Redacted Lluks

    4 days ago

    I wish in an alternate reality you were able to syndicate this into full episodes and maintain all of it's amazingness. I love every bit of it, every time

  • Bon Bon

    Bon Bon

    4 days ago

    Pretty much every revolution ever :q

  • Ms. Puffball

    Ms. Puffball

    4 days ago

    I feel like the old emperor would have absolutely implemented every reform they asked for. Really it was just kind of rude to teleport him into another dimension.

    • Coran Baker

      Coran Baker

      4 days ago

      Well clearly they didn't care about reform, just making it easier for themselves.

  • pangeaforever


    4 days ago

    Overthrow the empire! Change nothing...

  • Midas Magnezone

    Midas Magnezone

    4 days ago

    I'm glad that architects have the same big brain as galactic emperors to put the light switch controls for a bathroom outside the door as well.

  • Robert Harris

    Robert Harris

    4 days ago

    so basicaly the star wars book post episode 6 in a nutshell.

  • Triangle Wheel

    Triangle Wheel

    4 days ago

    This reminds me of Technoblade's speech about not having come all this way to have one dictator replaced with another.

  • Stephen Martin

    Stephen Martin

    4 days ago

    It’s Iike Star Wars directed by George Orwell after he discovered THC gummies.

  • ur aunt

    ur aunt

    4 days ago

    I'd absolutely love to see the bloopers for this fr

  • Victoria Jenkins

    Victoria Jenkins

    4 days ago

    Thank you Joel for not leaving us hanging!

  • Non Mutual Group

    Non Mutual Group

    4 days ago


  • NvrStpGaming


    4 days ago

    They lived long enough to see themselves become the bad guy

  • Blackball


    4 days ago

    ' Sir. Sir, they are Rebels. "

  • Tom Carrington

    Tom Carrington

    4 days ago

    @3:55 meh

  • jamjam


    4 days ago

    wait this is literally the plot of George Orwell's Animal Farm

  • The Puerto Rican Dream

    The Puerto Rican Dream

    4 days ago

    Damn, kinda sad. Why they gotta do the emperor like that😢 Just a chill dude trynna live through life.

  • Jon Lambert

    Jon Lambert

    4 days ago

    Is this set before "Returning to an RPG that you haven't played in a while"?

  • DrNanard


    4 days ago

    Nice adaptation of Animal Farm. I'm not even ironic

  • Jean-Philippe Martel

    Jean-Philippe Martel

    4 days ago

    I'm liking the gib of those rebels, they seem really nice chaps.

  • Larido


    4 days ago

    Il Gattopardo

  • Atlas


    4 days ago

    Thoes are shitty rebels 😂 he was literally the best leader

  • The Very Hungry Singularity

    The Very Hungry Singularity

    4 days ago

    What do you call the rebels of a rebellion

  • Constellation Commander

    Constellation Commander

    5 days ago

    Did long-hair Rebel, (I'm calling Reginald), say "TM" after they said Prison Planet?!?!

  • Life Improvement

    Life Improvement

    5 days ago

    Liberals be like "LOL, anyway gonna go vote for taxes".

  • Xitlalic


    5 days ago

    You got mentioned in my favorite podcast!

  • kimya kay

    kimya kay

    5 days ago

    Soo this was how the Emperor ended up at Jacob's world.

  • F M

    F M

    5 days ago

    YES, more lore

  • Jim bagel

    Jim bagel

    5 days ago

    I like red

  • gioyu comi

    gioyu comi

    5 days ago

    For those who don't know, Joel has an absolutly fire Spotify.

  • Vowel


    5 days ago

    Good to know the rebels are chill too

  • Harry


    5 days ago

    Wow this really says a lot about our society

    • gioyu comi

      gioyu comi

      5 days ago

      This is a fantastic documentary on the 1917 October Revolution in Russia

  • Cameron Brewer

    Cameron Brewer

    5 days ago

    Basically what happens with every rebellion

  • Dujuan Thomas

    Dujuan Thomas

    5 days ago

    Hey, the green guy sounds different. I wanted to hear "BUT SIREE"

  • John Rex

    John Rex

    5 days ago

    "Well, they won't take our money." 🤣

  • Nicholas


    5 days ago

    "The more things change, the more they stay the same."

  • Trey J. Anderson

    Trey J. Anderson

    5 days ago

    This shit is getting Dune level deep

  • Drnapalm


    5 days ago

    Pretty much every revolution when they defy the odds in ousting a dictatorship. They become what they destroyed

  • patronustrip


    5 days ago

    The emperor has Mr Beast chill vibes.

  • Oster The Brony

    Oster The Brony

    5 days ago

    If you think about this is how rebellions work in real life

  • TB - 1497

    TB - 1497

    5 days ago

    Excellent 👌

  • Mike Gervasi

    Mike Gervasi

    5 days ago

    "Meet the new boss, the same as the old boss"=Townshend

  • Boppo


    5 days ago

    I wouldn't say free, more like under new management.

  • Daniel Turner

    Daniel Turner

    5 days ago

    it"s amazing how well this sums up the difference of expectations of rebellion vs reality

  • goonin


    5 days ago

    Joel, thanks.

  • Fajile


    5 days ago

    I thought i already subbed? I usually do after watching 3 videos.

  • Joe Nicholas

    Joe Nicholas

    5 days ago

    This is a fantastic documentary on the 1917 October Revolution in Russia

  • Jayadamsdeschain


    5 days ago

    Every revolution ever

  • NA


    5 days ago

    What a stupid name. Joel.

  • Clinton Waller

    Clinton Waller

    5 days ago

    I like red, it is more intense.

  • Fog Hazard

    Fog Hazard

    5 days ago

    Loved the skit, but I miss Annoying Green Guy's original voice.

  • xury12


    5 days ago

    The emperor reminds me of a sweet natured Mathew McConaughey. Allright, allright, allright!

  • Hugh Shaftner

    Hugh Shaftner

    6 days ago

    Its kinda like the Whitest Kids You Know - Anarchy skit
    I love it!